• Through-Hole vs. Surface Mount

    In recent years, semiconductor packaging has evolved with an increased demand for greater functionality, smaller size, and added utility. A modern PCBA design has two main methods for mounting components onto a PCB: Through-Hole Mounting and Surface Mounting.   Shenzhen PCBA OEM Manufacturer with...
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  • Types of PCB Soldering Defects and Tips

    In the soldering process of printed circuit boards, some faults may occur, which may lead to the waste of money, reputation, products, and, most importantly, time, which is definitely annoying to receivers and manufacturers. However, if you can understand some common causes of PCB failures, you c...
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  • What is Through-Hole Technology of PCB assembly – bycharles

    What is Through-Hole Technology of PCB assembly – bycharles

    Through-Hole Technology While through-hole components represent the older of the two technologies, there are still valid reasons for using them. For example, any hobbyist with a soldering iron can assemble a through-hole PCB or a small lot of the same with a minimum of fuss, because the holes whi...
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  • What Do You Need to Know About Turnkey PCB Assembly and EMS?

    What Do You Need to Know About Turnkey PCB Assembly and EMS?

    Part 1: What Are Turnkey PCB Assembly and EMS? Turnkey PCB assembly includes all the steps involved in making a PCB, starting from the fabrication process all the way to the assembly process. Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) include the design, manufacturing, and testing of electronic comp...
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  • Wave Soldering vs. Reflow Soldering?

    Soldering is a huge part of the printed circuit board design process. The only reliable way to get your circuits to stick to your board and stay there is by soldering them on. Without soldering, there are no printed circuit boards. But not all types of soldering are created equal, and it can be i...
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  • What’s Going on in the Electronic Assembly?

    ntroduction Electronic assembly or also called printed circuit board (PCB) assembly finds application in almost every piece of technology that surrounds us in our daily lives. For instance, an end design of an electronic assembly is used in your smartphone, in your pocket, or any desktop computer...
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  • What Is Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) in A PCB?

    What Is Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) in A PCB?

    When it comes to PCB fabrication, automated optical inspection (AOI) is an important process used in PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, as well as a test for printed circuit boards. It plays an effective and accurate role in detecting the electronic assemblies and your PCBs to make sure the produc...
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  • Useful PCB Design Rules and Tips to Follow

    Useful PCB Design Rules and Tips to Follow

    Learning how to design a PCB layout , you will learn 12 most basic but working PCB design rules and tips to make the PCB layout easier. The basic PCB layout rules will help you to avoid potential mistakes. Also be beneficial to improve your PCB layout skill. Charter 1 PCB Layout 1. Place the mos...
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  • What Is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

    PCB Assembly is a process that requires knowledge not just of PCB components and assembly but also of printed circuit board design, PCB fabrication and a strong understanding of the final product. Circuit board assembly is just one piece of the puzzle to delivering the perfect product the first t...
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  • How To Build A Printed Circuit Board For A Smartphone

    While there are variety of smartphones coming out, there’s one thing that is common among all, a printed circuit board (PCB), which is essential to most of the electronic devices available, to function. There’s a seeing surge in smartphone manufacturing during recent period. If you want to grow y...
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  • Make LED Lightning Stand Out Using Top Quality LED PCB

    The LED PCB is the core of the cost-effective and highly efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting, and you can get it from FUMAX at a reasonable price. For safe daily use, an LED has to have high thermal dissipation, making it dependent on the LED PCB. LED PCBA is mounted with blue/white or ...
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  • What will be the development trend of the car display market in the future?

    With the continuous development of autonomous driving technology and augmented reality technology, the widespread application of OLED panels has become a feature of the commercial landscape. It is believed that the rapid development of technologies in the new era of autonomous driving, augmented ...
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