Case Studys

  • Useful PCB Design Rules and Tips to Follow

    Useful PCB Design Rules and Tips to Follow

    Learning how to design a PCB layout , you will learn 12 most basic but working PCB design rules and tips to make the PCB layout easier. The basic PCB layout rules will help you to avoid potential mistakes. Also be beneficial to improve your PCB layout skill. Charter 1 PCB Layout 1. Place the mos...
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  • programming

    Programming Boards Fumax engineering will load the customer Firmware (usually HEX or BIN FILE) to the MCU to enable products functioning.  Programming board is an easy-to-use circuit board that allows users to program power management ICs. ...
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  • Case study – OEM – M2M device

    Case Study 1 - OEM Project with partial ODM services Customer Location: Americans / Project: M2M Devices with 3G communications. Product Description: * 10 layers PCB with high tg FR4 materials * Over 1000+ electronic components * BGAs * ARM11...
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  • Case study – OEM – Lighting product

    Case Study 2 - OEM Products Customer Location: North Americans / Project: LED Lighting Products. Product Description: * LED lighting - super light * Automobile Grade * SMT Parts * Through Hole Parts * Cable assembly ...
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  • Case study – ODM – tour guide product

    Case Study 4 - OEM + ODM Project Customer Location: Western European / Project: Video&Audio Tour Guide Devices. Product Description: * ARM7 CPU Processor * 2.4" LCD (touch screen optional) * Video (support 10+ formats) / ...
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  • Case study – ODM – 4G communication

    Case Study 3 - OEM + ODM Project Customer Location: Americans / Project: Prepaid self cell phone re-charge device. Product Description: * ARM Processor * 4G Modems * RFID, Voice Chip * Credit Card Payment * Plastic / Metal Covers * Paymen...
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