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  • How to choose LED PCB Base Plate

    How to choose LED PCB Base Plate

    Most of the LED PCB bases are aluminum-substrate, but as LED lighting requires more and more brightness and longer shelf life, ceramic PCB base plates for LED merge. Which type of LED PCB plate is better? We will introduce different LED base PCBs and make comparison of them. Types of LED PCB Base...
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  • The importance of PCBA in cleaning procedure

    The importance of PCBA in cleaning procedure

    “Cleaning” is a necessary process in almost every chemical process of PCBA manufacturing industry. PCBA cleaning is usually the key procedure by following the chemical process, but it is often regarded as a procedure that needs little attention. However, the problem caused by ineffective cleaning...
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  • What is Custom Plastic Enclosure?

    What is Custom Plastic Enclosure?

    Custom Plastic Electrical Enclosures are containers that can be shaped in all kind of ways with some created to be generic and to fit everything needed inside while others are created to be for specific objects. Custom Plastic enclosures are made to be waterproof and air proof to protect usually ...
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  • How to Choose, Store, and Use Solder Paste for Assembly

    How to Choose, Store, and Use Solder Paste for Assembly

    In electronics, solder for PCB is a substance used to join two or more components. Similarly, a solder paste has the same function, except that it is used in PCBs instead of the traditional copper boards, and it is in the form of a paste, which gives it some different properties. Solder paste con...
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  • What is PCB baking in SMT Line?

    What is PCB baking in SMT Line? The procedure for PCB baking is actually quite troublesome. When baking, the original packaging must be removed before it can be put into the oven and then baked at a temperature of more than 100℃, but the temperature should not be too high to cause excessive expan...
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  • PCB Schematics VS PCB Designs

    When talking about printed circuit boards, the terms “PCB schematics” and “PCB designs” are used frequently and interchangeably, but they actually refer to different things. Understanding how they differ is a key to successfully making one, so to help you do that, we’re going to break down the ke...
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    Understanding printed circuit boards (PCB) is a fundamental aspect of computing in 2021. You’ll need to get accustomed to these green sheets and how they work if you ever hope to build a working computer or another electronic device. But when it comes to creating a PCB, the process isn’t as simp...
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  • What Are Flex PCB Stiffeners ?

    Sometimes it is necessary to enforce some parts of the flexible circuit board or FPC with stiffeners. PCB stiffeners are used to make a certain part of the board rigid so it can be easier to add/solder interconnects or components to the stiffer part. The PCB stiffener is not an electrical piece o...
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  • Ultimate Guide to PCB Reflow

    Ultimate Guide to PCB Reflow

    What is reflow soldering? After a solder paste is used to attach thousands of tiny electrical components to their contact pads, the entire assembly is sent to a controlled heat. Air or nitrogen is heated to a high enough temperature and then blown to the assembly, and the solder on both sides of ...
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  • Through-Hole vs. Surface Mount

    In recent years, semiconductor packaging has evolved with an increased demand for greater functionality, smaller size, and added utility. A modern PCBA design has two main methods for mounting components onto a PCB: Through-Hole Mounting and Surface Mounting.   Shenzhen PCBA OEM Manufacturer with...
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  • Types of PCB Soldering Defects and Tips

    Types of PCB Soldering Defects and Tips

    In the soldering process of printed circuit boards, some faults may occur, which may lead to the waste of money, reputation, products, and, most importantly, time, which is definitely annoying to receivers and manufacturers. However, if you can understand some common causes of PCB failures, you c...
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  • Three major trends in the future development of the PCB industry

    1. Current status of PCB development The main function of PCB is to connect various electronic components to a predetermined circuit, It plays the role of relay transmission. It is the key electronic interconnection of electronic products, as well as the support body of electronic components &...
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